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Operating since 2008

Alfatronic – a company with tradition

Alfatronic was set up in 2008. The first product offered by Alfatronic was a line of divISO splitters, which dominated the Polish market in 2010.

Around 2010, Alfatronic engaged in cooperation with a Polish branch of Roto Frank AG. As the time passed, the cooperating partners have developed and maintained own control engineering solutions along with supporting software.

In 2010, Alfatronic also commenced works on its authorial system of LED matrices and introduced them into the Company's product range.

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Products with technical support and service


The mission of our business is to ensure safety and instant detection of potential threats. Bearing in mind these values, we are offering state-of-the-art structural health monitoring systems for civil engineering applications, including monitoring steel structures. With parameter control, we are able to detect irregularities of any kind at a very early stage and subsequently eliminate such elements that pose a safety danger.

SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) is a hi-tech system that we offer for detection of threats related to:

  • displacement and vibration of structures
  • settlement of structures
  • deflection
  • environmental factors

TECHOQU structural monitoring

The only system that does not interfere in the structure of an object. An innovative solution without laser technology.

DIVISO Splitters for digital television

Splitters are available in both wire and wireless versions. Thanks to splitters you can use multiple cards.


An innovative system of module LED matrices. The product is available along with the Polish language version of an application for designing content for display.

Machines and devices

AMM3000, milling machine, CNC slide, PLC HMI CNC driver

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Innovative monitoring systems


Our systems of steel structure monitoring work 24/7 controlling specified parameters. With the use of mobile technologies, the system quickly and effectively informs you in advance, according to user settings, about conditions requiring intervention, giving you time for adequate reaction.

Mobile access to system from anywhere
Reliable server with emergency power system
24/7 control text message alarm notifications
Economical maintaining optimal parameters of structures


A tool for an ongoing load assessment for steel structures. The system informs you about the need to remove snow from your roof.


A tool for precise temperature monitoring in any selected zone of the structure.


A tool for precise air humidity monitoring in any selected zone of the structure.


A system of opening and closing sensors that allows you to precisely determine the position on a percentage scale.

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Customer references

Alfatronic has been working with Roto Frank Okucia Budowlane since 2009. The scope of cooperation includes non-standard, customized solutions for production process automation in the area of electronics and mechanics as well as providing IT solutions. (...)

We highly recommend Alfatronic as a reliable and trustworthy partner delivering advanced solutions.

- Barbara Ahlers, CEO, Roto Polska

Customer references

Alfatronic delivered high quality work on time. The devices were perfectly adjusted to our needs. We do recommend Alfatronic as a reliable and good partner delivering advanced control engineering systems.

- Jacek Martynka; Bogdan and Jadwiga Prasal, Bogmar sp. jawna

Customer references

On behalf of Data Group, I have the pleasure to recommend Alfatronic products and services to all those who value professional approach and reliable services.

- Zbigniew Janczak, Owner , Data Group

Customer references

Over the last five years, the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science of ‎Lodz University of Technology has repeatedly used services provided by Alfatronic related to the design and production of electronic devices. (...)

The Company has also shown interest in cooperation with the University under the TEAM-TECH programme.

- Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, ‎Lodz University of Technology

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